Bioidentical Hormone Patient Testimonials

I am extremely happy I discovered Ellithia. Susan looked at the big picture by inquiring about all my health troubles including mood changes and difficulty with my relationships. After getting the results from my bloodwork, she explained each test and which hormones were below its normal level. Being on the hormone treatment has helped me feel less emotional, stressed and tired. Susan has been great at listening to my issues and prescribing hormone replacements. As a result, I am have more energy and am feeling less stressed.”
-Mable Chan-Simons

I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Susan’s for a few short months. At our initial consultation she was personable and caring. She really took the time to get to know me and the types of challenges I was facing given my medical history. She made some firm recommendations but was also considerate of my concerns and together, we came up with a treatment plan that has worked incredibly well. I am sleeping better, I am mentally clear and physically stronger than I have been in many years. I look forward to continuing to work with Susan to be the most balanced I can be!”
-Janice Baskin Owner, Camelot Interiors

Susan is warm and kind, while taking my overall health into great consideration. She has gone above and beyond to provide a level of care for me that I haven’t yet experienced by a health practitioner. Susan takes time to address my concerns and always follows up with me in a very prompt manner. The level at which she advocates for me has been truly outstanding. I am so grateful to have found her!”
-Chelsea M.

My family and I have been under Susan’s care for a few years now. I can’t even begin to express the totality of the level of care that Susan offers. Susan truly is an ally for our health, and ensures she sees care through to completion. Susan supports our preferences for a more natural approach to care, and always presents a multitude of options if a more medical approach seems more beneficial. My children have seen Susan for some delicate issues, her ability to connect and her calm demeanor set them at ease and helped them feel like active participants, who had a say during their appointments. Susan has gone out of her way at times to make sure we were taken care of. Susan is committed to getting to the root of an issue, not merely masking the symptoms. I can’t imagine going back to an MD where I always felt that I had to defend my preferences, where I had 5 mins on the table, and a care provider who wanted to write a prescription to band aid every little thing that came up.”
-Amy M.

Susan really knows her stuff. She named my symptoms from my bloodwork without me telling her my primary concerns. Her consultation is free and the prescriptions are often covered by your extended health benefits. I’ve never had a practitioner look at my bloodwork in such detail and even acknowledge that sometimes the clinical range isn’t ideal for every person. She is attentive and compassionate and has excellent rapport with her clients. She takes time to have a real conversation about health and looks at total wellness not just treating symptoms with drugs (albeit sometimes they are necessary). I’m so glad I found Susan!
-Gail McLoughin